Basic SaaS Features

We make it easy, simple and fast to mobilize resources quickly to meet real-time demand.

Business Details Update

(Website text, Background color)

Banner change

Change banner color of homepage slider

Layout tool

Pages (direct and category wise) Page categories

Additional features for dynamic text update
Single product and Custom Product Builder Webshop
Section content with product pamphlets
Custom Product Builder
User, Admin, Manager Management

Role wise manager manage

Social media sign in/up setting

Google, Facebook

Update current user profile & password
Custom Questions

Profile Questions & Inquiry Questions

Payment services

Stripe, Bambora, Paytrail, COD, Invoice

Language based website and contact settings

(Each can have its own)

Search Engine Optimization
Appointment & inquiry (contact us) form management
Language management


Order management
Order receipt email to customer
Admin update on orders cash, check or card payment at physical location
Order received, confirmation, pickup, with automatic order status email sends
Holidays for order calendar and freight management
Dropdown boxes with multi-options
Feature collection (product category)
Payment history
Front side order confirmation
MFA authentication
Jobs posting / job applications
send/resend invoice & invoice mailer
Payment Services
Invoice direct print/pdf save
Invoice history manage
Generate auto invoice number
Jobs posting / job applications
Jobs posting / job applications
Jobs posting / job applications
Recurring invoice / Recurring schedule
Auto invoice generate
Invoice connect with customer order & admin